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Banner Aircraft International - Precision, Innovation, Discipline
Banner Aircraft International supplies aircraft parts and aviation services to airlines, aircraft operators, airframe manufacturers, and MRO
(Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) organizations worldwide. Headquartered in Torrance, California, U.S.A., the company offers its products and services through an international network of offices and its e-commerce website. Utilizing its proprietary enterprise management software solution, its vast industry expertise and its highly trained staff with extensive experience in aviation industry Banner maintains an extensive inventory of airplane parts under most stringent quality management system. All aircraft parts for sale are acquired or consigned through the OEMs, Airlines or FAA certified rep air facilities and have complete certification and traceability documents.
Exceptional Quality Of Service
Banner Aircraft International strives to be a truly customer-focused Company committed to creating value for our customers, shareholders and
a safe, rewarding work setting for employees. At Banner we are always asking ourselves whether there’s a better way to do things. And by “we”, we mean everyone at all levels – tradespeople, IT professionals, engineering professionals, and managers. At any given time we will have multiple continuous improvement initiatives underway. We spend great deal of money and energy on continues improvements of our infrastructure and technology. We are proud to have developed the inventory and order management solution which is truly second to none in the industry enabling us to achieve omnichannel fulfillment to stay agile and attuned to customer needs. Our infrastructure is being upgraded, processes are being optimized, and our teams are innovating, figuring out ways to make us faster, more efficient or even more customer-oriented. “Impeccable Execution” is a main part of our corporate strategy.
LOGISTICS with a capital “L”...
and all other letters
We know how critical it is to provide the needed part on time, so we built our business around meeting your expectations. We created a sophisticated, multi-layered operation system which allows us to supply you the right part in the right time. We collect and deliver aircraft parts around the world 24/7 so our customers receive their spares on time every time. Over many years our dedicated team has developed relationships worldwide that facilitate the movement of spares to reach our customers quickly. Banner Aircraft International has invested significantly in technology to underpin our world class AOG support and streamlined logistical services - our upcoming customer portal Banner.Aero will provide a sophisticated technological platform allowing you to procure, ship and track your spares around the world in real time.
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Address: 18809 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA 90504, USA
Telephone: +1(213) 320-7877
Fax: +1(213) 320-7877
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